Sunday, January 16, 2011

Be bold, be bold, everywhere be ... GOLD !

In my last post I mentioned that gold accents were one of the return trends embibing 70s glam, but for many, this warm colour has always been a favourite with its variations seen in shades of ‘wheats’ and ‘camels’, etc.

Some of us are old enough to remember the gold appliances of yester-year with not the fondest of memories ... But thankfully when trends return, they are presented to us with an updated fresh and modern take.

Take the new LG washer and dryer for example – they bring warmth and a sense of sophistication to this otherwise more ‘comfortable-feeling’ achromatic laundry area.

Many associate gold decor and finishings with more traditional and ‘stuffier’ spaces – even ostentatious. And they certainly can support those types of looks well. Gold accents and finishings today however can also be just the right touch for more modern and clean looks, whether the look you want is based more in the neutral range of colours or more ... well, colourful.

I love an all-white decor and adding gold to white can bring an oft-needed warmth while enhancing the vibe – whether it’s chic sophistication you’re after ...

or a more contemporary, playful space.

I like Ceratec’s new Monet Collection – whether used on a wall behind your soaker tub or the walls of your shower or above your vanity, I think the simplicity of the tile design combined with the shimmer would bring in the ‘ooh-la-la’ and set the stage for a high-end bathroom.

[Just pick one great area to showcase them though – remember the less is more mantra.]

Another great way to bring in a gold accent, that can be changed relatively easily down the road, is with wallpaper.

Here’s another example of how gold brings in warmth and ups the wow factor in a mostly white decor, via a contemporary geometric patterned wallpaper:
{David Jimenez Palm Springs entryway}

Or, use it more sparingly, such as in this Jan Showers living room. The gold accents here do not jump out at you – they are subtle, but key elements to making this monochromatic room inviting.

Gold is eye-catching with full-on colour as well – it’s wonderful with blue-greens and reds (as well as yellow-greens and violets ... actually with almost all colours!).

I put a swatch of an ‘azalea’ fabric in between gold ones in the below selection of a few Robert Allen fabrics.

Wouldn’t this combination be delicious accents to an alabaster and yellow-green decor, with cream and chocolate furniture (and with, of course, brushed gold metal accents such as those found in lighting apparatus, accessories, etc.)?
{Can't you just see the sunshine pouring in?!}

Fabrics and art can be a way to bring gold into your decor without making a major investment (unless you’re upholstering furniture, of course).
Remember that the ‘gold’ doesn’t have to be the shimmering kind – it can simply be in colour, like on these furniture items upholstered in Kravet fabrics by Thom Filicia.

Or like in these Candice Olson-branded art:

“In Too Deep” by Bingham

“Oil Slicks”, Unknown

For myself, I’m going to start small. Yesterday I bought this yellow-green fabric; it has a very narrow tone-on-tone stripe (with a slight silver shimmer to it). I’m going to make two 13x20 throw cushions to add some cheer to my chocolate sofa.
The gold comes into the picture with gold (with an olive green undertone) bead tassles which I’ll attach to the side zippers so that one corner of each pillow will bring a little ‘jewellery’ into my living room.

How ‘bout you? How big and bold do you dare to go with GOLD?

Want help finding just the right items that enhance the feel you want in your home? Whether it's a whole home renovation or new build you need a colour palette and finishings for, or just one room you're looking to re-design or better showcase, contact me to find out how I can help you create the feel you want for your space, your place, your life.


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