Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mirrors: whimsical, funky, glam or elegant -- remembering this important decor accessory

With decor trends in constant flux, 'anchoring' accessories that enhance the feel of your space can help your look stand the test of time. This year elements of the 70s and 80s are seeing a resurgence with gold accents, bronze finishes, the return of window valances, bleached oak* cabinets and flooring, and more ...

(* Ok - in my opinion, I would not implement this trend. I digress here, but feel it is my responsibility to impart the advice that I believe this will look dated very quickly ...).

Always a great way to update your space and enhance the style and 'feel' you have going on, is the use of mirrors.

From your entry way/hall, to your livingroom and bedroom (or in places other than where obvious), the right mirror can truly pull a space together while adding sparkle and pizzazz (along with the added benefit of light reflection, often making a space feel larger).

Sarah Richardson's unconventional use of a tall, vertical mirror over the fireplace in her re-designed livingroom gives the room a punch of glam and the finishing touch it needs. It wouldn't be as impactful with either a smaller mirror or just artwork.

I think this
Howard Elliott silver leaf mirror with black accents would bring some fab glam into an entry hall or livingroom -- and you'd be on trend with adding a bit of the 70s into your decor.

Of course, the starburst mirror, which we've seen a lot of for years now, is still on trend and with the many variations available, you can choose one that either glams up your space, adds to its eclecticism, or otherwise embibes the feeling you have going on.

I like this Glenna Jean starburst mirror – I think a starburst that has clean and elegant lines will offer a higher-end look and have more longevity, as well as versatility.
Sometimes classic is what’s called for (or simply what you want), but at least give some thought to the unexpected.

In Sarah Richardson’s living room below, her use of a smaller round mirror off to the side above the fireplace is unexpected and adds the exclamation mark to the wow! factor going on in the room.

(Had she gone with a larger rectangular mirror, it would not have given the room the accessible, playful feel that it has.)

I think this Graham and Brown mirror could definitely add an element of unexpected!

A larger mirror, resting on the back of a cabinet / credenza etc., can be a great backdrop to a tablescape. Just add 3-5 other decor elements (a lamp or two, candle(s), a vase with fresh flowers, decorative box(es) or books, art etc.), and you’ll have a look that announces your style and flair.

Mixing contemporary with traditional successfully is an art unto itself, but when it works, it’s showroom-worthy!

I like the look of this
Scarabeo silver leaf mirror for anchoring a tablescape – its 'washed-silver-with-just-a-hint-of-gold' can bring funk or elegance into a decor, depending on the foundation (ie. traditional, modern, eclectic ...).

As always, shape is equally as important as scale. The unique birdcage mirrors above the bed below absolutely sublimely enhance the curvilinear lines to the furniture in the room and put the finishing touch on the oh-so-Parisian vibe.

While the colour of the frame of the Scarabeo mirror above would work in this room, its style would be too heavy-looking above the bed, and the rectangular shape would look out of place.

{Room photos}

As with any great decor element in your home, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, so before buying, give thought to the spaces and places in your home that you want to dress up – and give thought to the overall look and feel you want. You'll then be sure which mirror will enhance that, or take away from it.

Want help finding just the right items that enhance the feel you want in your home? Whether it's a whole home renovation or new build you need a colour palette and finishings for, or just one room you're looking to re-design or better showcase, contact me to find out how I can help you create the feel you want for your space, your place, your life.


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  1. Also mirrors are just about the best way to promote good ch'i in your home, according to feng shuy traditions. Love your blog, Liz! :-)